My name is Enrique González Enrique González (The Painting Machine).

My hobby-warhammer story started five lustrums ago when my father gave me a basic box of Citadel paints as a gift for my ninth birthday. Since that moment whenever my little tip allowed, I acquired new miniatures to destroy them, figuratively and literally.

I was painting, collecting, playing and enjoying this crazy universe for many years. Although I lived it in a very intense way, at about 20 years old I decided to abandon it and I wasted some years dedicating myself to much more vain needs…

I have finally come back to stay, and with a professional career as a graphic designer and web developer, I can dedicate a big amount of time to painting (miniatures and not just miniatures) and illustration; disciplines to which I hope to be able to dedicate myself full time soon.

If you think I can help you with any project, don’t hesitate to contact me

Ah! And also visit my website where I show you my profile as a graphic designer: enriqueglez.es